It was just before 2011, a jazzy feel-time season. Michi wrote Alice a letter urging her to come to New York and collaborate on a musical project. Alice was driving around Los Angeles deep in her autumnal malaise. Skimming the message at a stoplight before stopping at her favorite Subway, she only read the remainder just before going to bed. 

Three months later, Alice arrived in Brooklyn with two suitcases, a snare, and cymbals, but it was unclear who would be playing what instrument. Would Alice be attacking the drums and Michi the violin? Would they record the sounds of appliances and street fights? Who would be singing? Who would take the Casio and who would take the Korg? Nobody knew, but Michi welcomed Alice into her home and the musical experiments began.

This album, Strange Bloom, is the fruit of a 6-month collaboration between two friends who learned the beauty of experimentation, hard work, and living according to the creative dictum of "Let's try it!"  

We cordially invite you to take a listen below.

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