"An alluring soloist with heightened expressive and violinistic gifts."

"Wiancko played to the brilliant hilt. She tossed off the dizzying demands with extraordinary confidence and focus. Her sound remained shimmering, whether she was walking technical tightropes or sending songful lines aloft." 

"Michi plays as if possessed with an innate understanding of this music that lends itself to a completely convincing reading."

"A masterful evening of music-making... Wiancko's playing was pure gold, phrasing richly, gorgeously clear and unencumbered." 

“This is a great advert for music that breaks through the pop-classical barrier. Her voice is gently honeyed, with a Bjork-like quirkiness that tempers the languid, summertime ambience of the sound. And around the succinct text, she crafts precise, imaginative textures... Intriguing and exquisitely beautiful.” [9 Death Haiku]

THE SCOTLAND HERALD (February 2012) 
"From the breathily staccato opening of Cairo through the fractured jazz of Fighters to the electro-classicalism of Goldrush, this is chamber pop at its most glorious, the competing musical textures held together by the silken knot of vocal harmonies. And when those voices rise to the heights of the angels on You Could Be My Guy, you can hear the spirit of Brian Wilson wafting through the studio, directing the instrumental cameos as each plays its part in pushing back the musical boundaries." [Alice and Michi]

SOUNDPANDA.COM (January 2012)
"Kono Michi is one of those diamond-in-the-rough singers. She is actually a concert violinist who happens to have an amazing and unique singing voice that is compelling and soothing at the same time."

Strange Bloom discussed on Radio France by DJ's Joseph Truflandier and Jérémie Elkaïm
"For me it's a rich, intelligent and innovative album, and we feel that it's composed with a special intimacy...For me, the ten songs in this album are beautiful, because their talent is really that they have a lot of ideas. They are magicians, they use ridiculous sounds, but they give them some consistency, with the violin but also strange instruments. They play with cardboard tubes, trash cans, and also functions of the calculator. There are some jazz effects, some electro and pop influences, and all that gives a really sensual and meditative result." [Alice and Michi]

3HIVE.COM (November 2011)
"Kono Michi is a concert violinist with a beautiful voice and a knack for writing interesting songs. And excuse the blasphemy I’m about to embark on, but I find her voice warmer and more pleasant than that of Annie Clark’s (St. Vincent). If that’s even possible! If you’re not yet moved to give Kono Michi a try, then check out the video for You are the First...If that doesn’t mesmerize you for a few minutes, then you’re a sad, jaded soul and I feel for you…"

PLAYBACK:stl (July 2009) 
“If that isn't the greatest album concept god. Roger Waters would weep.”  [9 Death Haiku]

“Dark and deeply satisfying.” 

VenusZine Magazine (Fall 2009)
"A damn good violinist... Her debut album under her non-classical moniker, Kono Michi, blends Asian flare with classical and indie rock. The compositions are lush, her voice haunting and in the vein of St. Vincent." 

“Talent – there, I’ve said it – is something that is simultaneously misunderstood, misappropriated and misapplied by commentators at every level. Well, Kono Michi does have genuine talent. … she has crafted an EP that takes one area of virtuosity – her violin playing – and matches it with a voice and an ear for unique songwriting. Music Towers will await her next release in earnest.” 

THE LIST (June 2008) 
“Straight outta Brooklyn comes Kono Michi, adding her sleepy, treacly voice to a kooky, electro swirl of classical violins and glockenspiel…” 

WOSU (July 2009) 
From Is She Pop, Classical, Avant-Garde, or All Three?
“Whatever you do, get the word out. This girl is going places.” 

The SCOTSMAN UK (Nov 2008) 
“[Kono Michi’s] sound is one of dreamy trip-hop and mournful Japanese lyricism supplemented with rock, folk and even classical elements, [with] vocals augmented by her shimmering violin. Her breathy, soulful take on The Look of Love was gorgeousness itself.” 

“Truly, truly talented.” 

From ‘The Grey Eulogy EP’ with The Stone Ghost Collective
“It’s addictive like an arcade game that you can’t stop pumping pound coins in till you’ve blown your bus fare home. A genuine contender for Track of the Year.” 

IS THIS MUSIC (August 2010)
"Kono Michi has a foot in both indie and classical worlds and for this EP [One More Day], she worked with both Mike Sorensen Small and Grant Pringle (The Stone Ghost Collective and Dawn Of the Replicants). The end result is an EP which is one of the most original I have heard this year. Using both her violin skills and her voice, which is distinctive in a GOOD way, the four tracks take the Cocteau Twins and Bjork as their starting point and then go some place barely explored before. Forget any misconceptions you may have, particularly about indie and classical meeting, this is an EP you should hear."

THE SKINNY (August 2010)

"Brooklyn's Kono Michi evinces a healthy lack of interest in generic classifications or dogmatic notions of a high/low culture divide. Her current output, for the most part, manages to avoid the blandness which blights the work of many crossover artists. The music on this EP [One More Day] is understated but assured, deploying strings, guitar and a range of percussion, and dipping into influences ranging from Nina Nastasia's chamber-folk to the Dirty Three."